• Did you know it's free parking at the centre every Sunday for all our customers?!

  • A bit of Frozen dress up fun in Charm it Up!

  • Wilkinsons has got some great savings on health and beauty products at the moment!

    Buy online today Health & Beauty Sale, great range to suit all tastes and budgets from Wilko.com

  • Shout out to our cleaners! Thanks for all the hard work! (Btw loving the pose!)

  • Did you know that The Mercury is on Pinterest now? Follow the link below to find out more!

    We are The Mercury Mall, Romford! With a great range of shops and leisure we are committed to providing the best possible shopping experience for our customer

  • Hey, if you ever feel like giving your moggy a little bit more oomph this guy will sort it for you...how bizarre! Hey Marmite...You'd look great in this! (Marmite is a cat who likes fish and cuddles, but maybe not armour...)

    One cat suit of armour comes with a jousting stick, for goodness' sake.

  • Attention jobseekers Asda are hosting an open day for delivery driver job vacancies on Saturday 23rd (tomorrow)!

  • My tummy is rumbling and Chozen Noodles fits the bill...mmm Get a box of chicken chow mein for only £3.50! (oops my first ever panorama photo didn't come out as straight as hoped ><)

  • Don't miss out on the Blue Inc sale which is still on at the Mercury Mall! Selected clearance items are going for a remarkable £5! Visit Blue Inc on level 1 next to Claybrooks to snap up a bargain for a limited time only!

  • Good Morning everyone! This lovely coffee and muffin is what the doctor ordered, wash that sleepiness away with sugared yumminess! Thanks BB's Coffee and Muffins!

  • Did you know a new Nintendo 3DS is coming out? Although they've chosen a slightly confusing name >< The new system sports upgraded features and head tracking technology so the 3D auto adjusts and you don't have to keep holding the console at awkward angles! The New Nintendo 3DS will be available at GAME from February 13th and prices will start from £149.99 for the regular sized black or white version

    What's new about the New Nintendo 3DS?

  • Planning a little getaway for some winter sun? If you're going abroad Thomson provide extremely competitive rates on foreign currency! Also they offer this neat little card that can replace traveler's cheques! If you happen to be parted from it, it can be cancelled immediately and this makes it much safer to travel with! Visit Thomson on level 1 for more details.

    Travel Money Card Welcome to the new Thomson Multi-Currency Travel Money MasterCard® - Flexible Money on the Move Safe, secure, reloadable. The convenient way to take money abroad. 1 card, 8 currencies. Apply online or buy in store. The new Multi-Currency Travel Money Card can hold up to eight curr…

  • Brr, Winter is really biting now, but with a great range of winter clothing at Asda, Peacocks, BonMarche, Choice, Yours and Blue Inc, we can all stay toasty this winter!

  • Fancy getting your little ones, or even an adults face painted? We have a face painter into today by the helpdesk on level 2. These are proper professional face make-up from one of the make up artists of Phantom Of The Opera

  • I Don't think you could go far wrong but to enter this competition at Superdrug

  • Did you know that Bonmarche now do menswear? And it's currently up to 50% off!

    Discover our collection of great quality menswear, including shirts, T-shirts, polos & accessories, from Bonmarché. Sizes S-XXL, collect in-store for free!

  • I know most of you have probably seen this already, but its awesomeness demands repeated posts!

    The drummer is Steve Moore (The Mad Drummer) Check out his website at: http://www.themaddrummer.com

  • Did you know Subway has new sandwiches to try? Yum Yum, on level 2!

    SUBWAY® is the undisputed leader in fast, healthy food. Learn why SUBWAY® is continually ranked the #1 Franchise* and how it is the right fit for you. Be part of the winning team!

  • Have you gotten hold of 2014's biggest games yet? If not, Game has got you covered!

    Some interesting figures reveal where the biggest games of 2014 stack up against things like Frozen and Ed Sheeran.

  • Sorry if your shopping visit was disturbed today, this happened:- http://www.romfordrecorder.co.uk/news/crime-court/breaking_police_incident_shuts_down_romford_town_centre_1_3919236

    Large parts of Romford town centre have been cordoned off by police.

  • 'Fantastic idea! Really enjoyed the activities. Great Staff. Really friendly.' 'It was really good fun. We hope to come again.' 'Great activities for young and old!' These are just a few of the positive comments that we received after our most recent Children's Club activities here at The Mercury Mall. Our Children's Club runs on the second Sunday of every month and it's totally FREE for children to come along and join in. Our next one is on Sunday 8 February and we will be celebrating Chinese New year by making Chinese lanterns and goat masks. So bring the kids along and join our team for some FREE craft fun!

  • What do you think? Will we have severe weather, or is this the usual scaremongering?

    The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning of rain, gales, ice and snow for London.

  • Who's excited to finally get a real glimpse of Pluto this year? In July the first spacecraft to visit the tiny world will arrive for a flyby When I was in school, Pluto was the 9th planet, then it got downgraded and now it's a dwarf planet, but I still love Pluto. It was always that mysterious little rock at the edge, a bit of an oddball, and now we will finally dispel the mystery and catch a glimpse...can't wait!

    The standout space event of 2015 could well come in July when the New Horizons probe flies by dwarf planet Pluto.

  • Don't miss out, The Fragrance Shop is on level 1 opposite Vodafone Romford!

  • Did you know that Poundland are doing a big giveaway? Make your pound go even further, enter now!

    Poundland is the largest single price value retailer in the UK, with over 500 stores offering a great range at Amazing Value!

  • Need a contract but want to keep an existing phone? Vodafone are on it! Get unlimited minutes, texts and 1 GB of data all for only £15.30! Pop into Vodafone on lvl 1 for more details.

  • The Mercury rocks

  • Blue Inc are introducing their 'Super Sweats.' Ditch the knits and instead inject some urban style into your wardrobe with their collection of sweatshirts, starting at only £16.99.

  • Pop into Wilko's on level 2 to make the most of their sale while you still can!

  • Just a little reminder it's Funday Sunday today for the kids! And it's all free! We have a wide range of activities available on level 2 outside BB's Coffee and Muffins. Put some smiles on their little faces and bring them on down to The Mercury Mall for Funday Sunday!

  • Don't forget the Peacocks January sale is still on with up to 50% off in store!

  • Who says internet has to be expensive? Unlimited broadband and phone line with free weekend calls for only £20.99 a month? Sign me up! Head into Virgin Media on level 1 for more details

  • Want a sneaky peak of the next six kids club activities? Also keep your eyes and ears peeled for a very special competition involving our latest staff addition, a cheeky little monkey that needs a big name!

  • Now that Christmas and New Year is out of the way, we are sure you are running out of things to do with your little ones. Well here is something for this Sunday, our free kids club is every second Sunday of the month and offers different creative projects each time. Come along this Sunday and get crafting.

  • Please share and if you have seen Johnbosco since the 16th of December please contact Missing People.

  • Stand tall at the Mercury Mall...when you buy heels at Notting Hill...(If that was hall, then it'd rhyme)

    Are you looking for stunning cheap womens shoes? Look no further than Everything 5 Pounds. We have a wide range of cheap shoes for women, all at the incredibly low price of 5 pounds.

  • Happy New Year everyone, we hope 2015 is a good one! If you fancy some New Year Sale shopping our shops are OPEN today between 11am & 5pm.

  • A little reminder for the next few days!

    Now Christmas has finished and people are looking towards the new year there is still a risk to road users from people who may have one too many on a night out.

  • Oh Poundland, I love you, I need some de-icer! Thank you for existing.

  • £14 to smell gorgeous this New Year? Bargain! Pop down to level 1 to get yours, while stocks last!

  • New Year is fast approaching! Has anyone thought about their resolutions yet? I've got 2 worked out already: 1. Join a band 2. Exercise more (Christmas is showing on my waistline ><)

  • I need some thermals...and a scarf...luckily Asda has me covered with thermal t-shirts from £8.

    Shop online for quality, style and value at George. Find the latest fashion in women's clothing, men's clothing, kids clothes, school uniform, baby clothes, shoes and more.

  • Did you know that the Peacocks winter sale is now on?! Hurry and get up to 50% off items! http://www.peacocks.co.uk/?gclid=CNOR26mB5sICFSQHwwodLwIAJA

    Great value womens fashion, menswear and childrens clothing. Order online at Peacocks for all the latest fashions and styles now!

  • Did you know that Boxing day is called so because traditionally this used to be the day the servants and tradesmen would receive their Christmas gifts called "Christmas Boxes"? When i was a kid I used to think people spent the day putting things into boxes...I didn't understand why people were bothering to box things after Christmas >< No kitties, you got it wrong!

  • Found this neat list of boxing day deals at GAME, come and snap up a bargain on level 1! Wow, The Crew for only £24.99?! http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/boxing-day-sales-games-best-video-game-deals-discounts-1480813

    GAME's deals on Xbox One and PS4 consoles ahead of the Boxing Day sales.

  • Pop into The Fragrance Shop for their Boxing Day Sales! Smell nice for less this New Year

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