• Can you tell me when the winners will be announced plz... Thought it was going to be in the romford recorder today

  • Looking for jeans, Blue Inc have got you covered, literally! Whatever you're after their huge denim collection will have you suited and booted in no time, and with prices starting at only £9.99 what’s not to love? Blue Inc also provide a variety of washes from mid to dark wash and even some colour-popping shades. You could say denim is in Blue Inc’s genes…

  • At the launch of the Royal British Legion's 2014 Poppy Appeal at the The Mercury Mall this morning #wewillremember

  • Thanks to all our hard working modelsearch contestants for creating a brilliant show this weekend. Here are some of the 'studio' group shots featuring the fashions from our stores.

  • Don't forget our amazing fashion shows this Saturday and Sunday 25 and 26 October - between 12pm and 4pm - featuring great fashions from our stores and great local models from our Modelsearch competition.

  • Romford's big Christmas light switch on is November 13th. Here is who's coming.

  • Will Sundays model search castings be covered in the Romford recorder?

  • Our over 30's looked amazing on the catwalk!

  • Our 16-29 year olds looked right at home on our catwalk!

  • 11-15 years olds on the catwalk at our Modelsearch Casting.

  • The 7-10 year olds were true professionals at our Modelsearch Casting.

  • The 4-6 year olds all looked gorgeous in our Modelsearch casting, we hope you all had a fun time.

  • Lads, I hope you’re sitting because we’ve got some big news for you Blue Inc's mid-season sale has arrived! Now you can kit out your wardrobe for less with up to 70% off selected lines including layering essentials such as coats, knitwear and jackets and everyday must-haves such as jeans, T-shirts and footwear…it’s OK you can thank us later…

  • Let The Fragrance Shop ‘Spray a little Happiness’ in your life with their Happy Sale! Snap up some great fragrances at great prices, but remember the Happy Sale must end 23 October.

  • Here are a selection of photos from our Modelsearch Casting. Thanks to everyone who came along and congratulations to everyone who made it through to the Fashion Show. We will add more photos to this album in the next few days.

  • The kids really did have a Fun Day at our Halloween Sunday Funday craft day.

  • Hi my daughter was in the model search catwalk on Sunday she got right through to the end but didn't make it through, I was just wondering if I could have the photos that you took of her please? She was in the 11-15 category, Thank you x

  • And finally here are the finalists in the 30+ category. Dawn Flanagan Emelia Azumah Amanda Poll David Smith Robert Keen

  • The 16-29 year olds who have successfully made it through to our Fashion Shows are: Kemi Quadri Hayley Swords Courtney Grace Lauren Grace Daniel Adetu Tom Fallon Louise Flanagon Rachel Akinwunmi

  • The 11-15 year olds who will be showcasing the latest collections in our Fashion Shows are: Angel Rose Wenman Shanie Keppel Megan Day Charley Gambier Lewis Fallows Louis Cunningham

  • Here are the 7-10 year olds who will be in our Modelsearch Fashion Shows: Vytaute Bublyte Summer-Elise Hewett Alicia Kelsall Jaiden Wade Eden Reyes

  • Thanks to everyone who came along to our #Modelsearch Casting, we hope you all had an amazing time. The judges had a very had time deciding who would make it through to our Fashion Shows on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 October. The 4-6 year old finalists are: Malika Forde Chloe Crossley George Roger-Hicks Tyson Brindley

  • Look who's coming to turn on the Romford Christmas lights!

  • Getting ready for Halloween? Check out this Wilko video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCXwlyPTrx4

    Get ready for Halloween with our spooktacular make-up tutorial! Nail the punky fairy, blood curdling zombie and vicious vampire looks this Halloween with our...

  • Hi, are the photos being put on here from the model search that were taken yesterday? xXx

  • Not that we want to upset you, but in just 11 weeks Christmas will be upon us. What present do you want to find under your tree this year?

  • Hi! Will the photos of today's model search castings be put on here? My boy's enjoyed today and my youngest got through to the last 4 boy's, but didn't get picked for the fashion show, winners were great! Well done!

  • Time Out Critics' Choice 'Serbian Fairy Tales' by Jelena Curcic and Lyn Gardner's Essential Edinburgh Fringe Picks 'Particles' by Josh Coates are coming to an abandoned shop unit, with a bar now fitted (!) in Romford THIS Saturday! With only 75 tickets up for grabs, get your tickets for just £5 in advance, or £7 on door. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/particles-and-serbian-fairy-tales-with-josh-coates-and-jelena-curcic-tickets-13586657057 Get 25% off food at Frankie and Benny's and Zizzis and 20% off at Nandos when you show your ticket on the evening of the performance. It goes without saying...this event is non profit and all proceeds will be put back into Arts and Culture in the area! https://www.facebook.com/events/1491465261104840/

    Jelena Curcic and Josh Coates bring you an immersive evening of storytelling. Hailed as Lyn Gardner's 'Essential Edinburgh Fringe Picks', Particles by Josh Coates has travelled to audiences internationally and now hits Romford! Standing alone on stage with just a microphone, Josh Coates recounts a s…

  • Elsa The Snow Queen of Arendelle is at the Mercury Mall mixing with customers and staff! And she has one message: Visit Charm it Up our new store on Level 2 by Calista Beauty. With a wide range of items, a friendly warm atmosphere and a dedicated play area there is something for everyone!

  • Come on down and check out our new shop Charm It Up! With a wide range of items from iPad and iPhone covers to holey footwear, Croc style bags, and much more. Items can be cutomised using charms from the store's extensive collection. Also in stock is a wide range of merchandise from Minecraft including Creeper plush toys! Charm It Up can found on Level 2 next to Calista Beauty

  • The Quadrant, established in 1935 is soon to become Romford's new centre for independent creative business. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

  • Well done to everyone that has successfully made it through to this Sunday's #Modelsearch Casting here at The Mercury Mall, and huge thanks to all of you that entered.

  • So The Great British Bake Off has crowned it's winner and is over for another year. Time for you to get baking up a storm with the new kitchen range at Wilko, this range is definitely a winner in our eyes!!

  • Gorgeous Samuel entered last years #Modelsearch and was taken on by Truly Scrumptious Child Model Agency. Here he is at his studio shoot and working for Disney! Well done Samuel, what a success story.

  • Here are the timings for the #Modelsearch Casting here at The Mercury Mall this Sunday 12 October.

  • So , my daughter 20 has got through this stage hypothetically if she won , what would she get out I'd it as didn't it say a younger group gets a modelling contract ? Wouldn't my daughter get a contract then if she won ? Im a bit confused if it's only fir a younger age group getting a contract with model agency then why all the other ages , can someone en lighten me please lol thank you .

  • Here are the names of all the 30+ who have successfully made it through to our #Modelsearch Casting. If your name is listed below you will soon receive an email containing all the details you need for Sunday's Casting. Well done. Dawn Flanagan 48 Shailey Proctor 30 Danny Francis 35 Kerry Marden 31 Donatas Baronas 33 Marc Gingell 36 Penny Kelly 31 Debra White 53 Amanda Poll 37 Monica Da Silva 33 Anthony Moss 68 Olamide Adekoya 34 Jennifer Townsend 39 Donna Abraham 47 Emelia Azumah 30 Lisa Poyser 33 Robert Keen 35 Julie Dudley-Keen 33 Aleksandra Strenner 32 David Acutt 53 Kemz Unique 42 Tanya Camilleri 35 Sonal Patel 39 David Smith 35

  • Here are the names of all the 7-10 year olds who have successfully made it through to our #Modelsearch Casting. If your child's name is listed below you will soon receive an email containing all the details you need for Sunday's Casting. Well done. Jada Medi 9 Francesca Layzell 9 Flynn Williams 10 Alfie Fursse 7 Naseem Butt Mitchell 9 Shaliyah Marius 9 Corey Hewett 9 Janet Sanyaolu 10 Riyana Morris-Shogbeni 9 Rochelle Higgins 10 Brooke Farrugia 7 Matthew Rayner 8 Sultan Adeogun 9 Vytaute Bublyte 9 Lucy Scott 8 Lucas Cleaver 8 Navya Govil 7 Travis Williams 8 Ebony Molava 9 Fryza Kavadayi 9 Celeste Littell 10 Heidi Poll 7 Jaiden Wade 10 Puneet Ahluwalia 8 Benson James 7 Tyler Georgeson 8 D'Khaari Changlee 9 Remel Lewis 10 Alicia Kelsall 7 Tyrell Ward 7 George Fallows 8 Rasheed Chitbahal 8 Riley Proctor 7 Angel Da Fonseca Amard 7 Kelsie Leddy 9 Eden Reyes 9 Aimee Bradley 8 Thomas Beer 10 Libby Allen 7 Tia Abraham 10 Summer-Elise Hewett 8 Jedi Odukoyo 10 Joseph Baverstock 7 Emily Gardener 9 Dylan Ubaldo 7 Grace Warner 7

  • Here are the names of all the 4-6 year olds who have successfully made it through to our #Modelsearch Casting. If your child's name is listed below you will soon receive an email containing all the details you need for Sunday's Casting. Well done. Audrey Pospai 5 Arianna Pospai 4 Janiyah Wynter 6 Emily Stevens 5 Lillie Wicks 6 Lille Denham 6 Vinnie O'Leary 4 Mekhi Kiani Brown 4 Masson Carroll 6 Paige Rising 5 Joseph Coogan 6 George Brockett 4 Teeka Gupta 5 Lucas Tomlinson 4 Amber Hall 5 Oliver Hall 5 Aashiva Govil 4 Chole Crossley 5 Logan Molava 4 Tyson Brindley 4 Tamita Tshilumba 5 Tatiana Tshilumba 4 Aaliyah Velinor 4 Jennica Maximiano 5 Tairelle Wade 5 Rio Connelly 5 Kai Connelly 6 Ruth Taiwo-Akin 6 Zoe Ubaldo 4 Shawndee Ward 4 Callum Saunders 5 Jack West 4 Grace Allen 6 Zachary Fernandez 4 Kamali Forde 6 Malika Forde 4 Chloe Wheeler 4.JPG Adriana Moreira 6 Rory Passingham 4 Reggie Cunningham 5 Ava Elliott 5 Swayam Sahu 4 Teagan Nunn 5 Mason Delgado 6 Joseph Goodwin 4 Lexi Bruford 6 George Rogers-Hicks 6 Takara Parle 4 Amelia Morley 4 Alesha Snell 5 Alexander Littell 5

  • Here are the names of all the 16-29 year olds who have successfully made it through to our #Modelsearch Casting. If your name is listed below you will soon receive an email containing all the details you need for Sunday's Casting. Well done. Amanda Kimberley Kairuz 24 Stephen Porter 23 Wayne Bayes 27 Marie Sladkova 26 Jake Hemsworth 24 Camille Bowley 27 Shakira Babtiste 16 Sade Green-Adebo 17 Shivani Verma 16 Luke Purcell 16 Julian Deda 17 Hayley Swords 17 Courtney Grace 18 Lauren Grace 16 Zoe Lee 20 Jennifer Cuyson 28 Davirianne Heslop 19 Janine Casela 16 Matthew Pead 18 Saloum Jobe 24 Daniel Adetu 24 Ayla Ibrahiam 29 Kirsty Wheeler 23 Lewis Woodland 23 Shelly Wolff 26 Ife Taiwo 16 Nick Sands 18 Tom Fallon 16 Katie Fitsgerald 16 Lacey Coyne 21 Shannon Ward 17 Louise Flanagan 27 Nora Opara 26 Rachel Akinwunmi 17 Sean Sorial 20 Kerry Durkin 19 Angela Bulla 16 Jasmine Oparaocha 27 Admila Soares Do Espirito Santo 20

  • Here are the names of all the 11-15 year olds who have successfully made it through to our #Modelsearch Casting. If your child's name is listed below you will soon receive an email containing all the details you need for Sunday's Casting. Harriet Stranders 11 Robyn Thomas 11 Emily Francis 11 Ellie Sargeant 14 Chloe Fuller 12 Ellie Mahmut 12 Maddie Rhodes 11 Kyra Ceesay 11 Kerrie Boachie 12 Shanie Keppel 13 Jack Edwards 11 Elizabeth Sanyaolu 11 Ashleigh Sion 11 Elena Caraiman 13 Frankie Naidoo 15 Abbie Lawrence 15 Amy-Louise Carter 13 Lois Pryer 13 Charley Gambier 11 Salvatore Di Salvo 11 Sophie Sands 14 Charlie Harrop 14 Lauren Heffer 12 Celia Katumuako 11 Luana Silva 12 Carly Maguire 15 Lewis Fallows 11 Jade O'Boyle 13 Jaudaan Chitbahal 13 Megan Day 13 Charlotte Ambrose 13 Damiela Mazyar 12 Chloe Jaffer 12 Ibukun Daniels 11 Aaron Leddy 12 Rachel Tomkins 11 Mikaela Poga 13 Tayla Cannon 13 Layla Manning 11 Angel Wenman 11 Sydney Downs 14 Connor O'Sullivan 11 Robert Ellis 15 Louis Cunningham 13 Kate Elliott 14 Molly Tarlo 11 Yanique Peterkin 12 Dhilan Patel 12 Charlotte Tams 14

  • We will soon be posting the names of everyone who has made it through to our #Modelsearch Casting which will be here at The Mercury Mall on Sunday 12 October. Good Luck everyone.

  • who are the winners

  • Yours have reopened today, queues gathered from the event zone to the store, new lines, new prices, new look store.

  • 'Alter your Ego' and enjoy 2 for 1 on Ted Baker at Vision Express. Vision Express is home to some of the best designer brands in eyewear. Discover their collection of designer glasses today, including their latest designer 2 for 1 offer, now featuring Ted Baker for men, ladies and children.

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